AND...We will also help Barn Cats..

These are animals that fend for themselves in barns or sheds on someone's property. If the owners will step up and take responsibility to provide food for these animals we will make sure their numbers do not get out of hand. Barn Cats (ferals) offer great rewards in exchange for food and a dry place to sleep. Being natural born predators, they will keep barns rodent free and cut down on wasted grain and other rodent destruction, a win-win situation for all!!
The key to the problem of abandoned animals, unwanted litters of helpless babies, homeless feral cats and over crowded kill-shelters is something we should all try to find....We have started an organization to be part of the solution. We are a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation and a Federal tax exempt 501 (c) 3. We applied for our tax exempt status ten months ago and now have our official recognition letter! We are located in the small rural farming community of Girard Georgia. We are committed to stopping so many un-wanted litters and getting our "out-of-control" animal population under control.. Our Board of Directors are animal lovers from our community and from Martinez & North Augusta! If you care about our cause, helping helpless animals, please help us out with a tax deductible monetary donation by donating through PayPal, or directly to Luv 4 Paws Fund via mail....Click Here for our mailing address.
Thanks for your support!

Screven County Veterinary Services
Pat M. Dyar, DVM
715 West Ogeechee Street
Sylvania, Georgia
Phone: 912-564-1121
A Full Service Veterinary Facility
Serving, Screven, Burke, Bulloch, Jenkins
& SW South Carolina
Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
....Anatole France
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Thanks for your support!
Long's Logging & Timber, LLC
J & D Long
Trucking, LLC
2056 Millhaven Road
Girard,Georgia 30426 912-569-4627
Pinkerton Road Farm, Inc
We will not spay or neuter animals in or
connected with any rescue organization.....

It is the responsibility of the organization to charge an adequate enough adoption fee to cover the cost of the spay/neuter. If applying for a voucher be sure to carefully read the stipulations stated on the application form. We reserve the right to decide if an animal is eligible to recieve our services.
Companion Animals will
be our primary focus!

*A companion animal is a animal already owned by someone. These are people's pets, owned animals that the owner plans to keep. We do not fund surgeries for shelter animals or animals owned or kept by breeders. Vouchers may not be provided to breeders or anyone who exploits or profits from the exploitation of animals in any manner whatsoever.
We are a Federal Tax Exempt not for profit 501 (c) 3. Our IRS EIN Number is: 46-2254680
Our Free Services are available to any resident of Burke County, on a funds available basis. Our funds are from fund raisers, grants & charitable donations from folks like you! We also are handling a portion of Spay/Neuter services for Burke County. We welcome ANY donations from those we help, and of course any donation will go to help another family!
In six years one unspayed female dog, her offspring and their puppies, if none get spayed or neutered, can produce up to 67,000 dogs. In the same six years one unspayed female cat, her kittens and their kittens can add up to 73,000 cats. There will never be enough good homes for all of these unwanted pets. Humane shelters will continue to euthanize millions of healthy cats and dogs each year for no reason other than homes cannot be found for them. The most effective solution to help solve the unwanted pet euthanasia dilemma is pet sterilization at the time of shelter adoption (or anytime you acquire a pet) including early age spaying and neutering. The term early (or juvenile) neutering refers to the surgical altering of a pet's reproductive organs at 6 weeks of age or older. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Dyar recommends the procedure at age 4 months

Changing Views on Early Spay/Neutering

By performing early neutering at the time of adoption, the new owner and the humane shelter have both done their part to ensure that a pet's offspring will not be back at that same shelter in 6 months! Many progressive shelters now endorse this policy. In 1991, after careful evaluation of scientific data, the American Humane Association became the first national organization to endorse early spaying and neutering of puppies and kittens. The American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association quickly followed suit and believe the practice to be a safe, effective tool to help end pet overpopulation.

With the advancement of medical knowledge over the past 10 years, informed veterinarians have changed their views on the appropriate age for pet spaying and neutering. Doctors at large and prestigious veterinary hospitals and humane shelters such as Boston's Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, and the Los Angeles SPCA, the Miami Humane Society, and the Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital of Denver have performed thousands of early spay/neuter surgeries with excellent results.
Our Vet, Dr. Pat Dyar considers spay/neuter as early as 12 weeks.

If you already have an unaltered pet, even if the animal is no longer a youngster, the pet will benefit greatly by the spay/neuter operation and you will be helping keep unwanted and unloved pets from being abandoned to their on devices for survival...
Mrs. Avis Rollins Lyle
Signed, Framed
Art Work
We will be mounting our Burke County fall and winter campaign to spay/neuter personal family pets and feral cats, starting October 1st!! If you need a SPAY or NEUTER that includes 1st year rabies vaccine for your pet or feral cats, please contact us asap.

You may also Call or text us @ 478-569-9599 or 478-377-5313

If you know someone who needs our free services, please be a friend and have them contact us, we are here to help.

We would really appreciate your support if you purchase anything on Amazon..
If you live in Burke County & have a pet that needs to be altered, please click >Vouchers for complete information on applying, getting approved and getting your appointment date.. If you know anyone else that needs our help, please let them know about our program. Our services are available on a funds availability basis but we are receiving a matching Foundation Grant for 2016-2017 to match local funding this year.
Thank you!
Betty Jean & Patricia
Thanks to all of our local sponsors, for their continued support
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